September 8, 2010

Dog Tags by David Rosenfelt Review

by David Rosenfelt
Grand Central Publishing
Review Posted: 9/08/2010

Andy Carpenter is back in Rosenfelt's new book, Dog Tags. In the lastest installment of this lawyer series, Carpenter is asked to defend a specific kind of client, a dog named Milo. Milo is a German Shepard who has special abilities that was trained by an ex-cop turned thief Billy Zimmerman who is concerned that either someone will take Milo because he is so trained or Milo will be put down. Both Zimmerman and Milo are so called 'arrested' for a murder/theft that occurred one night. It is now up to Andy Carpenter to track the circumstances, defend his client and hope for the best.

What makes the Andy Carpenter series so different from any other lawyer series is the compassion that the main character has for dogs. With his dog Tara who is mentioned a lot, Rosenfelt gives a more personal touch to his stories and this one is no different.

A good law story, courtroom type action has always held my interest. My love for animals caught my attention to Dog Tags. Anyone who has ever not wanted to see an animal lose, needs to read this book. Not only does it hold mystery, the law and a sense of one's passion for a dog, it holds your heart, your mind and very well a forever spot on your bookshelf.