April 23, 2011

The Spaces between your Screams by Christopher Hivner Review

by Christopher Hivner
eTreasures Publishing
ISBN: 978-1607026419
Review posted 04/23/2011

What book has you standing on edge, reading about possessions, weird experiments, tragic tales of horror and frightful takings on the unknown? It could only be a collection of stories by Christopher Hivner called THe Spaces between your Screams.

In the moment I began reading this collection, I was excited to finish the first story. It was not the same common thread of death, destruction and endless gore without purpose you may see in some stories, but filled with detail and amazing horror that filled me with hope and I continued on reading the rest of the collection.

I was not only thrilled to read the rest of the stories, but also disappointed. I wanted more and so will you. This collection has a dark heart, but a heart that beats strong. The stories that fill this book bring you into such a state of joy to be reading horror that is filled with an actual plot-line. Yes, I said a real plot, spiced up in a few words of a short story.

Did I find one that was better than the rest, no. Why? Because they were all that good. In fact, I think the space between my screams has finally been filled.

April 21, 2011

Sins and Tragedies by The Editorial Staff of The Dark Fiction Spotlight Review

by Stephen Roberts, J.D. Stone, Stacy Bolli and Thad Presley (The Editorial Staff of The Dark Fiction Spotlight)
Panic Press
ISBN: 978-1446621370
Review by: Gina Desory
Review posted 04/21/2011

Sins and Tragedies is a collection of short stories by the editorial staff of The Dark Fiction Spotlight in their most extreme writing yet.
The stories bring you further into a darkness which you may not have ever been in. Each of these six authors brings to you three stories of what would be some of the strangest, but horror filled stories today.

I have read some collections that they claimed to be 'horror' and just didn't make the mark. However, Sins and Tragedies does more than that, it allows you to remember to take a breath once in awhile as when you read the words of these talented authors, you are shocked, you are scared beyond anything imagined and you are left with a feeling that those stories were one hell of a ride.