September 28, 2010

In the Meantime By Paul Tremblay Review

by Paul Tremblay
ChiZine Publications
Review Posted: 9/28/2010

In the Meantime is a collection of short stories by Paul Tremblay. The stories wind you in a twisted way, releasing you with a sense of relief. The stories are often in first person which some people find difficult to read. However, in these stories the heart of the matter is through these first person narrations. Often more than not when reading this collection a feeling of wonderment strikes.

The best short out of this collection is The Blog at the End of the World. It is an amazing story depicting different dates of a blog. Who doesn't read blogs these days? The girl named Becca takes you through her life, her trials and her most inner secrets. This story is a delight in so many ways.

The best thing about this collection is you don't grow tired of the stories. Each one is fresh and keeps you wanting to read more.