October 31, 2011

Soul Survivors Hometown Tales Vol 1 Edited by Shawn M. Riddle Review

Edited by Shawn M. Riddle
Knight Watch Press
ISBN: 978-0987691460
Review by: Terry Morgan
Review posted 10/31/2011

When you're thinking Halloween, you are thinking scary, spooky and downright frightening. That's what you have here in Soul Survivors Hometown Tales Vol 1 edited by Shawn M. Riddle.

In these 13 fitting stories, you come across a weird neighbor, who likes to eat dead flesh, fighting between family members, rabbits and clowns, plus more of the undead devouring people and cities.

Also, in this great collection of anything gore and bloody, you have introductions by David Moody and Joe McKinney.

A person could not ask for more in these tales. As I was reading it became apparent just how much the undead has become a popular source for fiction. It was a pure amazing adventure to read each and every page as yet another person has suffered their fate that was owed to them, or maybe even perhaps not.

I love Halloween, all the sights and screams it can produce. If you want to get that special someone a wonderful gift for Halloween to make sure they don't do any nasty tricks for a treat, get them this collection. You may just get through another Halloween.

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