March 14, 2019

By Derek Muk
 Published by: Unnerving
 Review by: Robert Walter
Review posted: 3/14/2019

PRIVATE NUMBER / CLAWS are two new stories in Novella format written by Derek Muk.  These two stories are tied together by an intrepid paranormal investigator/professor named Albert Taylor.

In the first story, Private Number, Taylor is called in to help solve the mystery of some phone calls to a radio show that are received from a dead person named Faye. Her number on caller ID comes up as a private number and she is calling to have some help with how and who killed her. Her death is part of a series of unexplained ghastly murders in the area. The story grows as  the professor and the radio show team work together to solve this and the other murders.

In the second story, Claws, the professor is called into a small mining town to help solve a series of brutal murders with a unique twist, they only happen during a full moon. The local sheriff is dubious about the paranormal professor “assisting” with the investigation. It includes a varied cast of characters from the big business family man to the group of arrogant rednecks.

Both stories have a good basis for the storyline and were entertaining to read. The characters, including the lead character, Professor Albert Taylor, lends to the story telling. While both stories seem a bit rushed at the end, they were interesting and definitely worth the read.