September 23, 2010

Stitched Up! An anthology of Stitched up Flesh Review

Edited by S.E.Cox and Nandy Ekle
House of Horror
Review Posted: 9/23/2010

When one thinks of stitches we often think of either medical or quilting. Let's put some horror, some bizarre tales and you have Stitched Up! An anthology of Stitched up Flesh.

The anthology starts out with a strange little tale by Nate Burleigh called Quilty as Charged. A man talking to a sheriff because of weird things that had happened to him, causing limbs to be taken away, basically destroyed. Now what happens next is not only gross in its sense, but surprisingly good.

This particular story is just the beginning. The anthology takes you through a journey of the undead and even a poem at the end by Brain Rosenberger called The Bride wore Black that takes the reader into a very creepy state of mind making you want to look behind you.

What is the best part of this anthology is you are never bored with any one story. Yes, some are better than others, but you never have a dull moment. You even get some art in the beginning from some artists, Nick Rose for example, among others to give your eyes even more of a delight.

This anthology is a refreshing theme of horror anthologies out there. Worth picking up and reading over and over again.