January 21, 2011

Gone with the Dirt:Undead Dixie Anthology Edited by Jessy Marie Roberts Review

Edited by: Jessy Marie Roberts
Pill Hill Press
ISBN: 978-1617060427
Review posted 01/21/2011

At the time of the civil war, many lives were lost. But could there have been a possibility of the undead helping in bring about a different war?

That is what Gone with the Dirt:Undead Dixie lets the reader into. There are 26 stories about the south, the civil war and the undead. Included in this collection is also a play.

What brings this collection to stand by itself is the idea that undead could have walked about the earth during the time there were 'southern bells' and men were fighting their brothers during one of the deadliest wars ever fought.

Out of this collection the story that stands out the most is 'Deliver the Yankee Coffin' by Kelly M. Hudson. Here is the story of how there maybe a possibility Lincoln allowed the undead attacks to occur and how those around him dealt with this choice. The story is built around a different and beautiful background. The characters based on real names, serve their purpose by dealing with these attacks, emotions running high and proving that this story is one of the best of the old south.

The only odd thing about this collection was that amongst all the short stories there was a stage play script included. Not that I mind I love plays, but for some reason that seemed out of place. However, it is an anthology and anything can go.

I would buy this to take a different look at the old south. Read the characters as they venture into something so extreme, that even holding their rifles up high will not stop the fear in their eyes.

January 18, 2011

Strange Little Band By Nancy Brauer and Vanessa Brooks Review

by: Nancy Brauer and Vanessa Brooks
ISBN: 978-1456301255
Review by: Gina Desory
Review posted 01/18/2011

Strange Little Band starts out with a person named Daniel from a company named Triptych who arrives at the home of Shane Myers. He inquires about the boy and the parents inform him he has been adopted. Shane has fights, the parents tell Daniel that Shane found out his was adopted and they don't know how he did.

The story then continues on with Addison Harris who is pregnant. She was inseminated with the sperm of a Dr. Myers, who is Shane at the Triptych company. Shane does not realize at first that Harris is carrying his baby. Most of all, some don't realize what Shane really is, half-alien, half-human or what will happen to this baby.

Strange Little Band has an interesting premise of having a baby who no one knows what will happen because he is from a half alien father. The company of Triptych is a strange company where several unusual things occur and secrets are kept.

The only problem I had with this story is the jumping around constantly from one scene to the next. At times I had to reread areas to make sure I knew where I was in the story. I won't say that made the story bad, because the story was interesting. It was just hard at times to keep track of the flow of the story.

Strange Little Band is a story in which unusual things occur, secrets are up in the air and a half-alien man makes you wonder what actually goes about with the people you thought you knew.

January 17, 2011

Felix and the Sacred Thor by James Steele Review

by: James Steele
Eraserhead Press
ISBN: 978-1936383238
Review posted 01/17/2011

Flex has an attraction to horses. His guidance counselor even suggested he go into ESMS. There were so many others that wanted what he wanted as a job, that people would stand in line for a chance to work as a Equine Stress Management Specialist. Until the day that he was able to try a horse after several others have failed.

The angels played their music as he tried to feel underneath the horse, but as he did he felt the sheath deep inside to find the universe waiting there and what he thought was the horse's organ. The horse then explains that the organ was his sacrifice for the greater good. It is called 'Thor.' Felix soon discovers the power of Thor, attacking toasters and what it means to be what he is.

Felix and the Sacred Thor is certainly Bizarre in the extreme. When you have something such as 'Thor' smacking people around, customers at a retail store and becoming a weapon of enlightenment for Felix, you have stepped into the world of Bizarro fiction.

Though there is a lot of sexual innuendo in this book that sometimes reminds me of Clerks II when the one woman basically said, it is so weird , but I can't look away. That of course is not a direct quote from the movie, but you can see basically what it means. This story is so far into the realm of weird that you go 'what the?' but you can't pull away from reading it. The character of Felix alone will want you to come back and read more. This is one story that should not be forgotten in the mists of book shelves, but one that does stand on its own, even in the world of Bizarro fiction.

January 16, 2011

Flip this Zombie by Jesse Petersen Review

by: Jesse Petersen
Orbit Press
ISBN: 978-0316102957
Review posted 01/16/2011

The married, arguing, sarcastic , zombie fighting team of Sara and David are back in Flip this Zombie by Jesse Petersen. This time they have dealt with the zombie infection for awhile and have opened their own business of killing zombies. Through word of mouth, people who are looking for their kind of work leave posts at the survivor camps and David and Sara look for them. In exchange for their services, they get needed supplies. One day Sara reads a post that just asks them to meet at a location. They do that and discover it is a scientist working on what he claims is a cure.

They are tempted by simple things like warm showers and fresh clothes to catch zombies for this scientist to test on. But is this scientist what they are hoping for or a deranged man who wants to keep the infection going and what is this new bionic zombies they have heard of?

Ms. Petersen once again brings back the favorite couple from Married with zombies, Sara and David. Through the charming aspect of their marriage, their battles of the past disappear, somewhat. They are funny, yet strong and laughter, along with interesting new concepts brings Flip this Zombie in its own place. The mad scientist is a nice touch with giving the couple something to possible look forward to instead of just chopping off another zombie head.

Flip this Zombie you will flip over with the sarcasm, the new ideas and just the plain charm that Ms. Petersen's pen can give a reader.