July 19, 2011

Revolution City by Darren James Review

By Darren James
Panic Press
Review by: Chris Bartholomew
Review posted 07/19/2011

This story is written in beautifully descriptive language. First person POV's are not my favorite but when the story is written with such vivid scenes, it hooks me from the start.

This is a story about an out of body experience. The death of the body of the person this one came from is so well told that I want to know more, bringing me through the experience feeling like I was there. The writer is able to pull you in and keep you there so this is like a shared experience.

'If I was not really there, then was I moving through the world, or was the world moving through me?' This quote from the book says a lot. Was this happening, was this not happening, what would be next?

By chapter three we are following a Hudson J Shirow. The book goes into a different POV and I'm able to follow it better, the great writing continues throughout the book. The writer keeps you wondering throughout the book... is this an awakening or a death. Are the experiences real in some future world, or just the mind?

The only thing I didn't care for are the single quote marks for dialogue. Though the story flows well, I am used to double quote marks and the single is a distraction. Other than that, this is a great read and to me it's a mixture of Suspense, Literary, and Science Fiction.