September 10, 2011

Kill Whitey by Brian Keene Review

By Brian Keene
Deadite Press
ISBN: 978-1936383665
Review by: Ronnie Tucker
Review posted 09/10/2011

Kill Whitey, by Brian Keene, is the story of how a Russian stripper, called Sondra, manages to persuade an ordinary every day guy called Larry to kill her night club boss, Whitey.

The story starts off with some co-worker stuff, which is fair enough, but then it goes into several chapters of how Larry has been attending the strip club and has now become infatuated by Sondra. I've no idea why we need several chapters of Larry's perving as there's only so many ways to say a girl is hot. Once we've done the intro/perving stuff we get to some action.

The action is well done, there's good atmosphere, but it does fail to show any emotion at times. For example: in one scene Larry sees one of his good friends, and co-worker, lying dead in a pool of blood with his neck in shreds. Does he break down in tears? Go in to shock? Nope. Not a jot. He seems to quite easily go from being an every day guy into a gun totting, semi-invincible, maniac. Also there are some scenes that are obviously there for humour (to break things up a bit) but the scenes are a bit too Bill-&-Ted-ish. Something a bit more subtle would have been better.

I know it sounds like I'm being harsh on it, but I liked Kill Whitey. It's just that the end is pretty obvious once Sondra explains some background stuff to Larry, and Larry seems to act anything like a normal guy.

Even with those negative things that I've written, give it a read if you like horror films, and heavy metal, as there are quite a few references for you to catch.