August 29, 2018

Orphan Surfacing by Nathan Day Review

By Nathan Day
Published by: Seventh Star  Press
Review by: Shells Walter
Review posted: 8/29/2018

Orphan Surfacing, tells the story of the war between the angels and the demons. God has exited stage left and now all chaos has erupted. There are even some of the angels that left and became mortal. However, there is a child who's name is Solomon who holds special significance to both the demons and the angels. The fight wraps around this child and among the individual demons, led by Uzahl and the angels, who already are doing their own thing now that God is gone.

When reading this you are taken through different peoples' stories and then all of a sudden there is an angel.  Wait, I know this sounds a bit confusing and it was at the start, but stick through it it does get better. After awhile you realize there is a war going on between demons and angels. Yes, we know a story we have heard before. However, not how Day describes it. There are demons and angels, we know this, but there is a sense of struggle between the angels themselves. They are on their own.

What I enjoyed most about this story was Day's way of describing things. There were times when the descriptions seemed a bit too long, but they were so good that you could place yourself right into the story. 

I was also amazed after the initial background that was placed in the story, how fast the plot started to fly. It was here then there and it never stopped amazing me. Even with the story's slow start, it still was a great read. Yes, I would recommend it to anyone that wants a different take on the fight of what we consider at times to be good and evil. There is always a twist to the story and Day makes that wonderfully happen.

All I have to say to that is thank you for making what would seem like a typical angel versus demon story so much better.