March 25, 2011

Clickers II by J.F Gonzalez and Brian Keene Review

By J.F Gonzalez and Brian Keene
Deadite Press
ISBN: 978-1936383436
Review posted 03/25/2011

Clickers II starts out with Robert, a old man that watches other couples have sex in the hotel rooms. He then moves his binoculars over to the water where people are screaming and something like crabs or lobsters are attacking them. The story then moves on to Jerry Barker who was taking a lunch break, when looking out the window sees people screaming and running out of the water. We have the return of what was called 'The Clickers.'

Clickers II is the follow-up to Clickers. With Clickers II we come across the creatures that look like lobsters or crabs, but are sea monsters not afraid of anything a human may do. Unlike Clickers, Clickers II takes on a different tone to the chaos. The monsters are still there, but the humans are more present with the attacks and the attacks are more in the open.

Clickers II did not have the same feeling as Clickers with the monsters stepping out of a B movie, but instead a more modernized version of what seems to be Jaws. I was a bit disappointed with Clickers II because I was hoping for the same feeling I got when I had read Clickers, which was rooting for every character to either get it, or let the monster win, in this book, as in Jaws, you waited to see what the monster would do, but there were no surprises, no thrilling moments to allow you to ponder what would be next. It left a dryness that needed to be filled.

There were also, several clips of news articles featured in this book to bring what I assume a certain feeling to the reader of the terror going on with the current situation in the book. With all these articles present, it became a quick reading of them and a fast turn of the page to get to the meat of the story.

Clickers II left me feeling like I was missing out on something, that this was a only part of a book and where was the rest?