July 28, 2011

Vampyrnomicon BOOK TWO OF THE VAMPIRE HUNTERS TRILOGY by Scott M. Baker Review

By Scott M. Baker
Pill Hill Press
Review by: Rob Walter
Review posted 07/28/2011

Vampyrnomicon is the second of The Vampire Hunters Trilogy from Scott M. Baker published by Pill Hill Press.

Drake Mathews and Alison Monroe are back for the second book in the trilogy. As I said in my review of the first book (The Vampire Hunters, Pill Hill Press, 2010), this is not a book about Twilight Vampires as these vampires are evil, nasty and destructive. Drake and Alison continue their crusade to eliminate the vampire nest in Washington D.C with varying degrees of success. They discover that there is a book called the Vampyrnomicon that contains information that will give them the ability to eliminate vampires once and for all or, if it falls into vampire hands, establish world control by the vampires. The vampires have gotten nastier and tougher to kill, but Jimmy Delmarco , an ex-engineering student who is the newest addition to the team, is also improving the weapons the hunters use.

The action is not as prominent in this as the author has spent time developing the characters giving them more depth and not falling into the one dimensional trap many authors have with vampire stories.

I really enjoyed reading this book and following along with the Hunters on their quest. I am looking forward to the conclusion of the trilogy.

I strongly recommend the series for anyone who enjoys good stories that are action packed. Of course it helps if the reader likes dark vampires, but these books would be enjoyable for anyone.