October 16, 2011

Like Porno for Psychos By Wrath James White Review

By Wrath James White
Deadite Press
Review by: Ronnie Tucker
Review posted 10/16/2011

Like Porno for Psychos certainly has an apt title. It's a book of short stories that contain everything from explicit sex (both human and bestial) to gore, and everything in between. Suffice to say, I wouldn't like to be the authors wife as most of the stories seem to involve a woman getting raped or ripped to shreds!

But, don't worry, there's a couple of poems too, so that's OK. That makes it 'proper' literature.

Several of the stories have a Twilight Zone style twist to them whilst several just have someone getting murdered for no real reason. Although one story does have a giant orgy with people literally humping each other to death.

It's quite a short book, 100 pages which includes several pages of ads at the end, but I personally prefer short books and short stories as I like to drip in and out of them (no pun intended with these stories!) and not need to remember previous plot points.

The author, Wrath James Wright, definitely has an active imagination, and isn't afraid to write about taboo subjects (female bestiality with a lion anyone?) and for that he definitely gets my respect.

All in all, a good book. Just don't expect happy endings.