December 18, 2010

Into the Dark by Patrick D' Orazio Review

by: Patrick D' Orazio
Library of the Living Dead
ISBN: 978-1456317102
Review posted 12/18/2010

Into the Dark is the second book of the Dark Trilogy by Patrick D' Orazio. The story starts with Jeff who we know from last time and his new found survivors from the walkers IE infected, George, Megan and a few others stopped in a van that barely works by other survivors. Their leader is someone by the name of Michael. After the confrontation is over, Michael leads Jeff's group back to where his community is staying. However, comfort is not the thing that occurs once Jeff and his band enters Micheal's little area. What comes about is a struggle of will, a struggle to live and a struggle to just go on.

When people hear the work sequel or trilogy, they think it won't be as good as the first movie or book they read. However, Into the Dark is better than the first book in the series Comes the Dark. We are learning more about Jeff the main character and what his limits are. We see more conflict with human nature and what it means to everyone to just survive.

D'Orazio grabs the reader and pulls them into this story with a large violent hook and your stuck, but what does happen is you don't mind being stuck, actually you love it.

If you love The Walking Dead you will love this book and please be aware you won't be able to live without it.