October 4, 2011

Thursday Thistle by August V. Fahren Review

By August V. Fahren
Star Books
Review by: Terry Morgan
Review posted 10/04/2011

Thursday Thistle is a young girl that lives with two lazy sisters who always expect her to do everything and yet deal with their constant annoyance and her father. Thursday is not your typical girl. She likes insects that crawl on her and is sometimes labeled a freak. Her only happiness comes from going into her room to draw and to watch on VHS her favorite movie, Snow White.

Until one day while waking up in a sweat, she notices a mouse, not just any mouse, but one that talks. It then runs off with Thursday grabbing her things including her drawing materials, and chases after it. Thursday soon discovers her own fairytale world with so many odd things, including others who are named after days of the week.

Thursday Thistle is a bizarre fairytale of something never been seen before. This is no Alice in Wonderland, but has you slipping into different degrees of strange. I found it odd, yet the story provoked me to keep reading.

This book is not for the reader who is looking for a light moral type fairytale. It is not something you would read to your child for a bedtime story, unless you want to give them nightmares.

Take a step into Thursday's world and enjoy the darkness, the strange and a whole heap of new things you may have not thought you could see together.