November 18, 2011

Shark & The Wolf: Predators and Prey by Daniel D. Shields Review

By Daniel D. Shields
ISBN: 978-1461092391
Review by: Shells Walter (Guest Reviewer)
Review posted 11/18/2011

When you think of sharks you think of vicious marine creatures that end up attacking humans in horror movies.

What about a shark that plays pool? Yes, that's right plays billiards. That is what the shark named Shark does in Shark & The Wolf: Predators and Prey.

Shark is playing in his favorite pool bar called Gills that is owned by an aged dolphin. He and his friend Dog Z are having some fun, some beer and Shark is trying to beat a hyena named Old Jack. At first Shark thinks that Old Jack is hustling him because the last wager seems a bit weird, win and get a post card from Shark's long lost love Vixen, a wild fox that has disappeared awhile ago.

However, Old Jack gives Shark the postcard that invites him to what seems half-way across the world on an adventure to find lost treasure and to be with his love Vixen.  When Shark and Dog Z arrive, they meet a bunch of interesting characters, Shark finds his lost love, but what awaits them is not only Vixen, but a whole lot of trouble that even a Shark, who by the way doesn't like water, might not be able to handle.

I read this story and suddenly felt the urge to play pool again, haven't in so long. Not only does this story bring true charisma to animals that have human characteristics, but an adventure like Indiana Jones would take.

I thought long and hard what I would do if I saw creatures such as these walking around playing pool and drinking beer. Once I got over the shock of it all, I think it be a great time. And that is what this book is, a great time.

If you love adventure and like something a bit different that isn't the same yuck, yuck, mainstream stuff that is out there, you will love this story. I guarantee you it is not Jaws, but it is also not Dr. Do Little and the thrill of reading it will be so worth it.