February 5, 2011

2013: The Aftermath Edited by: Shane McKenzie & Jessy Marie Robert Review

Edited by: Shane McKenzie & Jessy Marie Robert
Pill Hill Press
ISBN: 978-1617060335
Review by: Gina Desory
Review posted 02/5/2011

2013: The Aftermath anthology has 26 tales of bonding, of horror of people panicking, exploring all things one would see at the end of the world. All these stories take place sometime in 2013, when something of an end of the world situation has happened. Stories ranging from exploring their surroundings and possibly finding a creature called a Hydra, a person who was put on a mission and has another voice in his head to a salesman trying to sell and scam other survivors and many more stories.

What was different in this collection was so many different viewpoints on the end of the world situations. The strength that the authors showed their characters having, the raw emotions, it was amazing. No one story was the same and each one in its special way made you think about what you would do if you were in that situation.

The best story out of this collection is 'Magic Man' by Chris Lewis Carter telling of a salesman who tries to sell a cure to survivors that doesn't exist and certain things happen as a result. In every dire situation there are always those that try to gain at the expense of others and this story would show in the aftermath of something horrible, how that would not change certain people in still doing that.

Go out and get this anthology. You need to be able to experience life at the end of the world.