June 4, 2011

Picking up the Ghost by Tone Milazzo Review

by Tone Milazzo
ChiZine Publications
ISBN: 978-1926851358
Review by:Gina Desory
Review posted 06/04/2011

Cinque was a young boy who dealt with his cousin's constant harassment and living with his mother who was now going to school at night. He didn't know his father, as he left when he knew Cinque's mother was pregnant with him. However, one day a letter comes for Cinque informing him his father has died and all of his father's estate is his. He argues with his mother and than makes a choice to go to Chicago where his father had lived.

But the story doesn't stop there. A world unknown to Cinque suddenly opens up. A world with an African witch Doctor and a creature that shows up from time to time. In this world Cinque discovers several things about himself and those around him chasing the ghost of his dead father.

At first when I picked up this story, I thought it would be just that another ghost story. But, not only was I surprised, but was delighted to learn the depth of Milazzo's talent. In each page I was taken into the world this author created, finding myself drifting along with Cinque and wanting to know how he would deal with the strange things that kept popping up as the story evolved.

A must read for anyone who wants a story that gets you involved and wanting to know more.