January 21, 2011

Gone with the Dirt:Undead Dixie Anthology Edited by Jessy Marie Roberts Review

Edited by: Jessy Marie Roberts
Pill Hill Press
ISBN: 978-1617060427
Review posted 01/21/2011

At the time of the civil war, many lives were lost. But could there have been a possibility of the undead helping in bring about a different war?

That is what Gone with the Dirt:Undead Dixie lets the reader into. There are 26 stories about the south, the civil war and the undead. Included in this collection is also a play.

What brings this collection to stand by itself is the idea that undead could have walked about the earth during the time there were 'southern bells' and men were fighting their brothers during one of the deadliest wars ever fought.

Out of this collection the story that stands out the most is 'Deliver the Yankee Coffin' by Kelly M. Hudson. Here is the story of how there maybe a possibility Lincoln allowed the undead attacks to occur and how those around him dealt with this choice. The story is built around a different and beautiful background. The characters based on real names, serve their purpose by dealing with these attacks, emotions running high and proving that this story is one of the best of the old south.

The only odd thing about this collection was that amongst all the short stories there was a stage play script included. Not that I mind I love plays, but for some reason that seemed out of place. However, it is an anthology and anything can go.

I would buy this to take a different look at the old south. Read the characters as they venture into something so extreme, that even holding their rifles up high will not stop the fear in their eyes.