January 17, 2011

Felix and the Sacred Thor by James Steele Review

by: James Steele
Eraserhead Press
ISBN: 978-1936383238
Review posted 01/17/2011

Flex has an attraction to horses. His guidance counselor even suggested he go into ESMS. There were so many others that wanted what he wanted as a job, that people would stand in line for a chance to work as a Equine Stress Management Specialist. Until the day that he was able to try a horse after several others have failed.

The angels played their music as he tried to feel underneath the horse, but as he did he felt the sheath deep inside to find the universe waiting there and what he thought was the horse's organ. The horse then explains that the organ was his sacrifice for the greater good. It is called 'Thor.' Felix soon discovers the power of Thor, attacking toasters and what it means to be what he is.

Felix and the Sacred Thor is certainly Bizarre in the extreme. When you have something such as 'Thor' smacking people around, customers at a retail store and becoming a weapon of enlightenment for Felix, you have stepped into the world of Bizarro fiction.

Though there is a lot of sexual innuendo in this book that sometimes reminds me of Clerks II when the one woman basically said, it is so weird , but I can't look away. That of course is not a direct quote from the movie, but you can see basically what it means. This story is so far into the realm of weird that you go 'what the?' but you can't pull away from reading it. The character of Felix alone will want you to come back and read more. This is one story that should not be forgotten in the mists of book shelves, but one that does stand on its own, even in the world of Bizarro fiction.