January 16, 2011

Flip this Zombie by Jesse Petersen Review

by: Jesse Petersen
Orbit Press
ISBN: 978-0316102957
Review posted 01/16/2011

The married, arguing, sarcastic , zombie fighting team of Sara and David are back in Flip this Zombie by Jesse Petersen. This time they have dealt with the zombie infection for awhile and have opened their own business of killing zombies. Through word of mouth, people who are looking for their kind of work leave posts at the survivor camps and David and Sara look for them. In exchange for their services, they get needed supplies. One day Sara reads a post that just asks them to meet at a location. They do that and discover it is a scientist working on what he claims is a cure.

They are tempted by simple things like warm showers and fresh clothes to catch zombies for this scientist to test on. But is this scientist what they are hoping for or a deranged man who wants to keep the infection going and what is this new bionic zombies they have heard of?

Ms. Petersen once again brings back the favorite couple from Married with zombies, Sara and David. Through the charming aspect of their marriage, their battles of the past disappear, somewhat. They are funny, yet strong and laughter, along with interesting new concepts brings Flip this Zombie in its own place. The mad scientist is a nice touch with giving the couple something to possible look forward to instead of just chopping off another zombie head.

Flip this Zombie you will flip over with the sarcasm, the new ideas and just the plain charm that Ms. Petersen's pen can give a reader.