January 18, 2011

Strange Little Band By Nancy Brauer and Vanessa Brooks Review

by: Nancy Brauer and Vanessa Brooks
ISBN: 978-1456301255
Review by: Gina Desory
Review posted 01/18/2011

Strange Little Band starts out with a person named Daniel from a company named Triptych who arrives at the home of Shane Myers. He inquires about the boy and the parents inform him he has been adopted. Shane has fights, the parents tell Daniel that Shane found out his was adopted and they don't know how he did.

The story then continues on with Addison Harris who is pregnant. She was inseminated with the sperm of a Dr. Myers, who is Shane at the Triptych company. Shane does not realize at first that Harris is carrying his baby. Most of all, some don't realize what Shane really is, half-alien, half-human or what will happen to this baby.

Strange Little Band has an interesting premise of having a baby who no one knows what will happen because he is from a half alien father. The company of Triptych is a strange company where several unusual things occur and secrets are kept.

The only problem I had with this story is the jumping around constantly from one scene to the next. At times I had to reread areas to make sure I knew where I was in the story. I won't say that made the story bad, because the story was interesting. It was just hard at times to keep track of the flow of the story.

Strange Little Band is a story in which unusual things occur, secrets are up in the air and a half-alien man makes you wonder what actually goes about with the people you thought you knew.