November 16, 2010

Breaths in Winter: A Collection by Donna Burgess Review

by Donna Burgess
Naked Snake Press
Review by: Rob Walter
Review Posted: 11/16/2010

Breaths in Winter: A Collection contains 31 stories. Some are dark, some more intense and some just plain out disturbing. The stories make your heart flutter in not so good ways, makes you look under your bed at night and some are just amazing to read.

Three of these stories stuck out the most as what I thought were the best of this collection: Teenage Zombie Homecoming Queen, Scarecrow John, and The Vampire's Tale.

The best overall story was Teenage Zombie Homecoming Queen. The story goes by way of what is called 'Deadgirl's Blog' and takes you through the days of Audrey who with some freak running into what was considered to be a 'deader', was bit. She then describes her days as a new 'deader' and how life as a teenager goes with her new found status.

This collection brings about joy in the hearts of any horror fan. It brings forward interesting topics, twists and turns and just an overall feeling of disappointment when you get to the last page.

Well, done Ms. Burgess on giving us a new exciting look at stories and letting this reviewer enjoy your work.