April 25, 2011

Without Notice by Jason Hughes Review

by Jason Hughes
Panic Press
ISBN: 978-446603086
Review by: Terry Morgan
Review posted 04/25/2011

A cheating fiancé takes Amanda to The Graystone Castle Apartment Complex where she takes her residence. There she learns about strange occurrences, unforeseen murders and many things that she starts to wonder about. No matter what she does, the things keep occurring, even when the owner of the complex, tries to do something different. Amanda is in for the ride of her life.

At first reading the beginning few pages I was taken into a sex scene and was wondering if the book was to develop into anything else. However, Jason Hughes took me for a whirlwind of shock, horror and mystery. I often wondered what would happen next to Amanda and actually started to feel sorry for the woman.

Without Notice is a book that starts slowly, but ends with a bang, a loud one at that. Don't be distracted when reading this book, or you will miss what good writing is.