May 18, 2011

Beyond the Dark by Patrick D'Orazio Review

by Patrick D'Orazio
Library of the Living Dead Press
Review posted 05/18/2011

Beyond the Dark is the last book in the 'of the Dark trilogy.'
We come across the gang from the other two books, Jeff, Michael, George, Cindy and the others. In this particular time, Michael has made a choice to stray away from the others. A selfish plan that includes smashing into a wall and it doesn't include his psychotic girlfriend Cindy.

The story of course moves further into the undead scene and survival for some of the characters becomes a no win situation. We also are able to get a more in-depth look into the character's motives for everything, especially George, who learns what everything around him means and how nothing will stop him in getting what he wants.

Beyond the Dark was D'Orazio at his best. The undead come in numbers but its not the same boring zombie tale. It is a nice conclusion to this trilogy. However, it will be missed and I hope a sudden tale or perhaps a supplemental book will be in the future.