June 10, 2011

A Conflict of Interest by Adam Mitzner Review

by Adam Mitzner
Gallery Books
Review posted 06/10/2011

Alex Miller is a defense attorney, married and the father of a young daughter. His father just died and he travels down to Florida to attend the funeral. It is there he meets his father's lifelong friend, Michael Ohlig, who asks Alex to represent him in a criminal case against a company Michael had set up.

What Alex is not aware of is what this defense of his father's lifelong friend will bring up and then starts a series of personal and public turmoil, such that Alex feels his life turning upside down.

A Conflict of Interest brings the reader into the life of the character Alex Miller with such ease and then force, that you are leaning against something to hold on. Adam Mitzner puts you into the legal process of defending a client and even throwing some interesting things in there about a so called 'judge lottery.'

The writing in this story is striking and even for some readers who may know little about a lawyer's life or what they do without joking about it, will find this book fascinating and well worth diving into. If all else, Adam Mitzner has been a new tone on Lawyer and court drama, one in which his mark on the publishing world will never be forgotten.