June 17, 2011

Robopocalypse: A Novel by Daniel H. Wilson Review

by Daniel H. Wilson
Doubleday Publishing
Review posted 06/17/2011

Technology sneaks upon us when we least expect it. In Robopocalypse: A Novel, we learn how robotics and artificial intelligence can actually put the human race on hold. How even the smallest robot created can be damaging to life as we know it.

Through interviews, stories of damaging first person accounts, like a man playing a prank on a senior citizen who has a robot that he loves with dire consequences, military extractions and battles, that the robots and machines have taken on new identities, and all are here to eventually destroy the human race.

With slight of his mighty pen and with the experience he has, Wilson tells a tale of destruction that may not be foreseen because of the obsession with advancement in artificial intelligence. Even though this is a story of fiction, it makes one aware of what can come about if we push the laws of the world. If we create something that are for our own needs, but forget how the creation can develop its own wants.

I was floored when reading this novel. As several novels before, it can tell how the human race with one fleeting idea, can destroy itself. Wilson has the flare to push the envelope and dive into the human reaction, the human soul.

To find out that this book will also be a movie in the future was thrilling to know. What better story than this to put on the screen and allow us to really or should I say hopefully, learn what can happen if we push into an area we are not sure of.