July 1, 2011

The Vampire Hunters by Scott M. Baker Review

by Scott M. Baker
Pill Hill Press
Review by: Rob Walter
Review posted 07/01/2011

The Vampire Hunters is the first book in a trilogy by author Scott M. Baker. The other two books of the trilogy will be Vampyrnomicon and Dominion.

The story begins jumping straight into action with Drake Matthews already hunting and fighting the first of many vampires. Of course there is also a sexy young female sidekick, Alison Monroe. But this isn’t your average run of the mill vampire story. There are no twinkling vampires or fancy dance scenes or gauzy lovemaking bouts. The vampires of this story are evil nasty creatures that torture and kill as much for entertainment as for food. They have been around for centuries and are experienced in hiding.

The first thing you have to know about Drake is he is not the “by the book” kind of guy. He was a detective in Boston before learning the undead were real and responsible for a string of serial killings. As a result of his investigation and “final solution” for the perpetrator, he was booted from the police department for excessive force (Does burning down half a city block including a church count?). His partner Alison, a rookie detective during the aforementioned investigation, resigned from the department and followed Drake to Washington DC. Drake is a firm believer in the “scorched earth” method of fighting vampires and in the opening chapter manages to destroy half of the Woodrow Wilson Bridge getting himself and his partner arrested. Again.! Alison saves Drake’s behind on many occasions and is actually the more capable hunter.

The vampires discover that Drake and his merry band are hunting them and vow to take them out.

Scott M. Baker has taken a story that could have been cute vampire pulp and turned it into an action packed thriller with character driven details that draws the reader in. I will be looking forward to the two other books in this trilogy. If nothing else, I am now addicted to this story.