August 15, 2011

Belong by George Wilhite Review

By George Wilhite
Review by: Dana Bell
Review posted 08/15/2011

Ian is the very image of most young boys tormented by the bullies of his school and an undesirable to the girls. He finds refuge in a downstairs bathroom, makes contact with what he thinks is a beautiful woman in one of the stalls and they communicate by graffiti on the walls. Eventually, she sucks him into her realm and holds him as her sexual captive, until another young man, on a dare, accidentally frees Ian back into the real world.

From there, Ian learns of the terrible murder of a young girl who gave birth to the monster who kills men out of revenge for that terrible rape and death long ago. He learns the girl's identity, uses the power of her name to free her, and helps put matters right before scrubbing to the inevitable death he himself suffered twenty years earlier.

An interesting premise mixed with the power of urban legends, many of which the origins become forgotten or blurred with time. Set in a high school, a true horror to many young people and the growing sexual awareness that grows during those years, the author sets up a believable situation, including the story of how Ian was found dead - no explanation and in an embarrassing position.

Once the sexual torture scenes are over, the story becomes interesting, full of the promise the original opening scenes hinted at. The search for the truth of how the horrid creature in the mirror came about, its defeat, and the two trapped finally freed, gives the story a compelling and fulfilling ending.

Belong is a good novella with a well thought out story line, even with all the sexual cruelty and bondage images. Although it should be classified as male erotica, it is also a murder mystery, an urban legend and a little scary, although a bit too graphic in some parts, so much so it was almost cliché.