November 21, 2011

A Vampire's Guide to Sex by Sam Lang Review

By Sam Lang
Trestle Press
Review by: Rob Walter
Review Posted 11/21/2011

If you are looking for a how to manual for vampires, this isn’t it. This short story from Sam Lang is interesting in its design, but is somewhat predictable in the execution.

The story is about Mallory and Danyelle, two normal people, both of whom manage to get themselves turned into vampires before ever having sex. It begins with Mal providing his back story and lamenting that “Why isn’t there an instruction Manual?” for being a vampire. We then jump to Dany who provides her back story and leads into the two of them meeting in search of a meal and a way to finally have sex.

They devise and execute their plan to finally have sex with each other. I won’t spoil the end, you will have to read it.

Overall it was an interesting, if somewhat predictable read.