August 15, 2010

Annie and the Ripper by Tim Champlin Review

by Tim Champlin
Pill Hill Press
Review Posted: 8/15/2010

Inspector Frederick George Abberline is thrown into a series of ghastly murders in Whitechapel known as the 'Ripper murders.' The investigation goes dark, sometimes besides himself, Abberline notices an advertisement for an American type entertainment 'Wild West' type show. He at first is a bit disturbed at their antics to take money from the people for their strange shows.Later he comes in contact with a sharp-shooter who is part of this show named Annie Oakley. He enlists her help in the pursuit of this 'Ripper Killer.'

Tim Champlin produces a fine book about the 'Ripper' Killings that any Ripperologist would be interested in reading. His research was well thought out, his play on the actual murders and the inspector that has a few twists and turns is just frankly amazing.

What brings this story to be so different from the others is the introduction of Annie Oakley. In bringing the 'wild west' to the 'ripper murders' in that time period adds flare to Jack the Ripper history and lore. Readers will be pleased to see this new take on what could possibly be one of the best Ripper stories told.