August 4, 2010

Requiem for the Ripper by Brian L. Porter Review

by Brian L. Porter
Double Dragon Publishing
Review Posted: 8/4/2010

Requiem for the Ripper is the final installment of a trilogy by Brian L. Porter that also includes: Legacy of the Ripper and A Study in Red.

What is nice about this book is that there are brief excerpts of the two previous books. So in other words even if you did not read those two, and frankly you should anyways, you will be somewhat caught up in time for this third treasure of the trilogy.

The story begins with a Doctor Hemswell who lives in an area called Skerries Rock. One day he gets a strange phone call asking him to discuss something of complete urgency from a William Forbes who was a solicitor of some very strange, but important documents from a certain Jack Reid. Their conversation continues until Hemswell reluctantly agrees to have Forbes come and see him.

What results is a span into Jack Reid's mind, the ripper notes from before and a friend who tries to help both Hemswell and Forbes. Forbes being scared for his life on a constant basis and Hemswell not sure what is going on.

What is fascinating about this last installment, is that Brian L. Porter shows the reader how one can construe things in their mind, how even the slightest doubt of something can make a person almost crazy with fear. No other writer can take you deep into the inner workings of fear as Porter does here.

Requiem for the Ripper is not a disappointment. Grab a copy now, and don't forget to read the other two first. You never know what might be lurking in the shadows.