August 3, 2010

Proxies of Fate by Matthew Moses Review

by Matthew Moses
Pill Hill Press
Review done by Rob Walter
Review Posted: 8/3/2010

Proxies of Fate, is Matthew Moses’s most recent novel published by Pill Hill Press.

It is a story set in the past, somewhere around the 1930s. It starts with an invading force called the Krush traveling to conquer the little rock called Earth. The Krush are a reptilian race that only live to terrorize and conquer worlds of the universe. The Krush invasion forces are intercepted by a single ship with a single occupant, Pol from Theria. Pol in trying to prevent the Krush from conquering the Primitive inhabitants of Earth comes up with a plan to genetically alter two people of Earth to be “proxies” to fight each other to decide the fate of the planet. One of the people chosen (Therian) is a decorated was veteran from the Great War from the great Plains state of Kansas who had fallen on hard times (Great Depression). The second person chosen (Krush) is a young Chinese boy living in Japanese Occupied China. The story follows the two “proxies” as they are changed, discover their powers, eventual roles in the future of man on planet Earth and the battles between the two.

I was impressed with the depth of the characters and the story development. It is a unique twist on the old formula of invasion from space. Bringing the story into a past time really lent to the story as well. The book is well written and flows well providing lots of action and details of history to keep the reader involved and thinking.

Overall I liked the book and heartily recommend it to anyone looking for an exciting and enjoyable read.