August 3, 2010

The Bitternest Chronicles by Alan Draven Review

by Alan Draven
Pixie Dust Press
Review Posted: 8/3/2010

Alan Draven one of the contributing authors of Creeping Shadows brings readers another collection of work entitled, The Bitternest Chronicles. In this collection there are two brand new novellas, Cellar Door and The Dark Emissaries, plus five already published short stories. The collection focuses on one area, the Bitternest city.

What is always interesting about collections is what the author decides to put together to form it. This particular collection from Alan Draven was no different. At first thinking about a few short stories slumped in with a couple of novellas sounded, well, frankly boring. However, that was not the case in this collection.

The Bitternest Chronicles gives you these short stories to wet your appetite for the pure meat of the collection, the two novellas. The better of the two, Cellar Door keeps you interested through every word, you're drooling for more. The second novella, The Dark Emissaries gives what is felt as a lighter taste, but none the less just as yummy.

The Bitternest Chronicles won't scare your socks off so to speak, but will keep you reading and wanting to know what happens in the city so eerie, so unusual, the one only named, Bitternest.