August 4, 2010

Jack Brand by John M. Whalen Review

by John M. Whalen
Pill Hill Press
Review Posted: 8/4/2010

Jack Brand is a man with wisdom, with secrets and a mission. He stands to go against some of the toughest aliens, nomads and worlds. But wait, you've heard this type of story before so you're complaining? Get a grip of yourself. Jack Brand does have some of those same elements, but the execution of these elements are done in such a unique style that one could hardly complain with this story.

Jack Brand starts in the year 2197. Jack is a lone man searching for his sister that was captured by a ruthless bunch. A man with a soul, Jack helps a woman who was captured by a group called the Tulon. He gives the Tulon something in exchange for the woman and frees her. She figures it has to do with the money that her father is giving for a reward, but no, Jack Brand is not that type of person. And this is just the beginning to Jack's adventures.

The world Jack lives is different. He goes amongst the desert in a future world where gas is plenty and oil companies are shutting down. His mission is to find his sister who he feels guilty about her being captured. In the process he comes along old-time foes, new friends, and old jobs that are done as well.

What makes Jack Brand so different from the typical shoot-them-up stories is there is a setting of the future with an old-time western feel to it. You can envision a desert setting, a lone man with his futuristic guns and a thirst for justice in any area he is in.

He is Jack Brand, man of so many qualities, a character you fall in love with and never want him to leave your side. John M. Whalen has done a magnificent job on this story. There is always a worry about a western feel to a science fiction type story mixing well together. Not in this case. So stop your whining and grab a copy of Jack Brand. It won't be disappointing, and you know you will be craving more.