September 12, 2010

Comes the Dark by Patrick D' Orazio Review

by Patrick D' Orazio
Library of the Living Dead Press
Review Posted: 9/12/2010

It all happened in one day. Jeff Blaine witnesses his wife being attacked and chewed on by his next door neighbor. The horror makes him freeze for a moment forgetting what is currently going on, an infestation of zombies who are attacking everything and anything. His guilt overcomes him as he sees his wife's anniversary ring shine ever so slightly as she bleeds out. Jeff leaves his house killing along the way any undead he can find. At last he comes across another survivor, her name is Megan. Megan and Jeff start on an adventure of basic survival not only physical, but of their souls.

Comes the Dark is non-stop action. It feels as if you are watching a movie that you can't get up to go to the bathroom because you might miss something. D'Orazio, portrays the undead in the best light, hungry, vicious creatures with a destructive appetite.

When reading this story, one feels themselves rooting for Jeff and the survivors he comes in contact with, with out any doubt you feel their pain, their anger and their will to live.

The only part that was slow was the actual plot. It started out with action, action kept going, but for a sense of a real plot you needed to read a bit further into the story. However, readers will still be able to get a sense of the characters, even relate to them in feeling they may do the same if suck an attack were present.

Comes the Dark was an enjoyable read with much zombie action for any zombie fan.