September 12, 2010

Lies at the End of the World by Phil Woters Review

by Phil Wolters
Pill Hill Press
Review Posted: 9/12/2010

John Frank and his family prepared for everything:Y2k, solar paneling and supplies to last a long time. His father and mother now both dead, John had to fend for himself and that's when it came:the zombie attacks. He had a high fence, tons of supplies and then Rachel, a survivor he found while she drove her truck fast by.

The fall in love being stuck together in his house. They talked, they enjoyed each others company. Afterwords they begin they journey together, meeting others on the way.

Wolters did a fantastic job of describing the human soul during a time of crisis. He explains so well the very nature of the situations the characters go through in such brilliant and eloquent wording. It is a book that can be enjoyed any time. One that if you don't grab a copy now you will be sorry you missed out on such an amazing, different type of zombie story.