December 20, 2010

As the Worm Turns by Brian Rosenberger

by: Brian Rosenberger
Blue Room Publishing
ISBN: 978-0984300631
Review by: Dana Bell
Review posted 12/20/2010

The first story from whence comes the title of the book is an accurate description of teen age life in high school, how friendships are made and the unusual professions of the friend’s father, the bully, the girl and finally, here’s how it all turned out.

‘Something Funny is going on’. Journal entries of a serial killer and how his mind works. Rather frightening and makes one hope that the BAU from ‘Criminal Minds’ is on the case.

‘Water’s Edge’ Never get too curious about a floating log.

‘GodTV’. A delightful tale about a not very nice man, Hollywood dreams and two demons who came knocking at his door. Echoes of ‘The Mummy’.

‘Rot and Roll’. You die and come back and maybe, your life will be better.

‘Dragon Skin’. Fun little fantasy piece tossed in amongst the horror stories, with a nasty twist at the end.

‘The Guests’. Halloween from another perspective.

‘Monster Burger’. Life in a small town. So true, so true!

‘Picnic in the Woods’. Where it starts is not where it ends. Where is does end – the reader isn’t expecting.

‘The Fisherman’. A familiar story, meaning, the reviewer has read it someplace else. The desire of catching the biggest fish, the secrets of bait and what championship fishers will do to win.

“The Angel and the ass’. Very ‘Miami Vice’ dealing with drug lords, undercover cops, and how no one actually wins.

‘Starting Over’. Another story read elsewhere. Unrequited love and what can come of it.

‘The Psychic’. . Twist is a bit too subtle and leaves the reader wondering ‘who’ the killer actually was. Read before too.

‘The Samaritian’. A dog, a man and a car. Not a good combination. Reviewer has read before.

‘Selling Sea Shells’. Rather frightening story based in a mythology not really familiar leaving the reader with an unsatisfied feeling.

‘The Better Mousetrap.’ Dr. Frankensmith I presume? (Read elsewhere as well.)

‘My Goth Prom Date’. Vampire on a date with a Goth. What could be more perfect?

‘Devil’s Advocate’. What you wish advice columnists would really say!

‘Shop Till you Drop’. Zombies. Who doesn’t like them? (Reviewer has read before.)

‘Hollyweird and Vine’. Hooker’s unhappy life, who she knew from the golden days and her wish.

‘The Audition’. Unfortunately, a very confusing story that didn’t seem to sew the idea together very well.

‘Bunnies’. Something awful happened to the world. The bunnies must be protected.

This collection of stories is told from the seamy side of life. The language is frank and often vulgar, but presented honestly. Sexual fantasy is played throughout from a male perspective and again, accurate and realistic. Recommended only for those not easily offended because the ideas in the tales are interesting, whether a new twist or a not so new one. Not suggested for those who don’t like the F*** word.