December 22, 2010

Every Shallow Cut by Tom Piccirilli Review

by: Tom Piccirilli
ChiZine Publishing
ISBN: 978-1926851105
Review posted 12/22/2010

Every Shallow Cut describes a man in desperation. He has lost his house, lost his wife, never had children, though he regrets the child that was aborted and lost his way with his brother, who he finds a bit obnoxious. He's a writer with really no royalties and an agent who could care less. His only friend, a dog that goes with him everywhere and the local pawn owner who normally makes a good amount of money off things the man sells.

When reading this book there is a clear sense of loss and depression. You find yourself caught up in this man's world of just pure hopelessness. He doesn't care anymore what happens, at times he does try. Piccirilli really gives a sense of wanting to either kick this character in the rear to get him to do something or lend him a hand to move forward. You battle the heartaches, the turmoils, situations this character does or has with him. And at times you find yourself extremely depressed as well. The only problem I had was there didn't seem a solution to this man's many woes. Then again when so many problems occur at once is there really a solution?

Every Shallow Cut is not a light book to read. It really makes you think about what life would be if all was lost. It is not fluff or an upbeat book, but a story that needs to be told and certainly needs to be read.