December 26, 2010

The Man of Shadows by Angel Zapata Review

by: Angel Zapata
Panic Press
ISBN: 978-446724705
Review by: Gina Desory
Review posted 12/26/2010

The Man of Shadows by Angel Zapata is a collection of 25 of her short Horror stories ranging from a tattoo that comes alive, a man afraid of trolls and a man who gets his what's coming to him from kidnapping children.

The stories by Zapata are not only disturbing, but makes you afraid to go to sleep at night. Each story has a range of description that leads you to ask yourself, 'is this really fiction?'

This is a wonderful collection of Horror shorts that one needs to keep along side such works as Stephen King on their shelves to come back to when those days seem boring and they need a little scare to shake themselves up.