February 23, 2011

Cursed by Jeremy C. Shipp Review

By Jeremy C. Shipp
Raw Dog Screaming Press
ISBN: 978-1933293868
Review by: Rob Walter
Review posted:2/23/2011

Nicholas is a person who likes to make lists of everything people do and say including himself. He also makes dolls as well. His life is an up and down series of events. He is cursed. He meets Cicely who struggles with forces outside her control and holds onto a tennis ball and squeezes it repeatably. He goes through several different situations including getting slapped by his roommate.

I'm not normally into the odd and bizarre, but this story grabbed my attention as I read through the life of Nicholas and his trials. I was interested to keep going and learn what would happen next to him. It was a very surreal type of experience and one I recommend to anyone who wants to read something a bit different.