February 24, 2011

Twisted Tales from the Torchlight Inn by Ty Schwamberger,Thomas A. Erb,Dean Harrison Review

By Ty Schwamberger,Thomas A. Erb,Dean Harrison
Wicked East Press
ISBN: 978-1617060045
Review by: Gina Desory
Review posted 02/24/2011

Welcome to the Torchlight Inn where nothing is what it seems. Twisted Tales from the Torchlight Inn is a collection of 3 novellas by Ty Schwamberger, Thomas A. Erb and Dean Harrison with an introduction by Jessica A. Weiss.

The first story in this collection is Last Night Out by Ty Schwamberger. Three students, Gabe, Alan and his girlfriend Erin, take a small trip to a place called the Torchlight Inn where a bartender acts crazy and pillars are not just decorations.

The second story Tones of Home by Thomas A. Erb, has Ashely and Maurice going to meet Ashely's parents. Then suddenly things take a wrong turn and the story has odd occurrences with what seems to be members from the band The Beatles.

The last story Off Limits by Dean Harrison deals with Ellen and her troubled brother Jack who takes Shawn, Ellen's boyfriend and her to what is know as the Torchlight Inn. Jack wants payback for what was done to him years ago and this time Ellen will really know what it feels like to be scared.

Each of these stories tell a twisted version of what it is to come to the Torchlight Inn. The stories wrapped around craziness and people's own sense of being, made for these stories to be a wild roller coaster ride.

Tones of Home left me wondering at times what was going on and something was lost in having to figure out where as a reader I was at at times.

Off Limits made was a tale that shook the fear out of me. A scenario where anything was possible and yet it happened.

Last Night Out started a bit like a Young Adult type scenario where you thought vampires were about to come out, but then you get surprised and the story flows with not only horror and gore, but a nice twist to the ending.

If you are a reader who enjoys the oddness of things, the fear of the unknown, you need to pick up Twisted Tales from the Torchlight Inn and stay for awhile, if you dare.