March 10, 2011

Clickers by J.F Gonzalez and Mark Williams Review

By J.F Gonzalez and Mark William
Deadite Press
ISBN: 978-1936383429
Review posted 03/10/2011

Captain Kim Issac of the Lucky Mariner, feels the boat rock, thinking something they want is caught in their net, he looks to see what it is. Meanwhile, part of his crew go overboard, they scream, they don't return. The Captain tries to cut the net when he realizes there is something too large in there. But the creature attacks and soon Kim is lost with the water. And that is just the beginning...

Rick Sychek is a writer who while driving on the road hits something. He's not sure what, but he thinks it looks like a crab. It knocks out his car with him inside. An officer of Phillipsport comes to his aide and takes Rick into the small community where he gets to know the people and starts asking questions about these weird creatures.

You remember the old time horror movies, the ones where the sea creatures or werewolves come out of the woods? If you liked any of those you will love Clickers.

I'm a big fan of Godzilla movies in general and when I read this book I thought of the creature, who is somewhat of a crustacean who attacks boats, people and just plain is, well, what can I say, a monster.

What is great about Clickers is each word you read you feel the thrill like you did if you ever saw one of those 'creature feature' type movies. In fact, I would love to see this book as a movie.

The one thing I would recommend the most from this book is to read it all the way through, grab a hold of the characters, especially the monster and enjoy them all. It certainly is a book that will be kept on my shelves for easy access to read over and over again.