March 31, 2011

DEADication An Anthology dedicated to all things Zombies Review

Panic Press
ISBN: 978-1446621066
Review posted 03/31/2011

Zombies, Zombies and more Zombies, what is a person to do? How's about picking up a new collection of zombie short stories by Panic Press called DEADication An Anthology dedicated to all things Zombies.

I love reading zombie tales and I could not be more thrilled when this collection of new stories came about. It is jam-packed with zombie outbreaks, people killing zombies and even a few stories with a different take on zombies.

One of the stories that stuck out to me was just that, a different take on the zombie tale. Zombie Holiday by Neil E. Leckman is just that. It deals with a family who had a horrible car accident. A year later, like the rest of the dead population, they come back. But this story is not just another walking around undead crunch and munch, it has heart. It shows that just because they are zombies doesn't mean they don't feel hardship or don't have things said about them, even though they live in the same community as others. It is a story worth seeing that in any society, some of the same woes and ridicule occur.

This collection is worth not only a second read, but it is a thrilling experience for any zombie fan. The stories in DEADication fill you with gore, excitement, thought and a good filling that perhaps zombies aren't that bad after all.