April 2, 2011

Werehouse by Ryan Hunter Review

By Ryan Hunter
Panic Press
ISBN: 978-1446612651
Review by: Terry Morgan
Review posted 04/02/2011

Lewis through a suggestion of his friend Spencer, decides to rush a fraternity. But what he didn't know is what the pledges would be asked to do, or what secrets were part of this college group.

Werehouse has its twists and turns throughout the story. The one thing that was lacking was the action wasn't more severe. The center of the story dealt with this fraternity that didn't seem right, something not totally there, but in the same sense the story didn't grab my attention with this idea.

I was a bit disappointed that even with the twists and turns in the story, it was too predictable and lacked the enjoyment of being really surprised. The title was a good one for the story, but overall I felt that this particular theme could have expanded its setting, characters and not left me feeling like I was reading another typical horror story.