January 6, 2011

Bucket of Face by Eric Hendrixson Review

by: Eric Hendrixson
Eraserhead Press
ISBN: 978-1936383313
Review posted 01/05/2011

Charles works at a doughnut shop, like his father, lives with his Kiwi girlfriend Sara of two years, smokes generic cigarettes and complains about almost anything.

As with any typical day in the shop, fruits and vegetables of gangster types come into to make deals and secret undertakings. On this particular day a banana and an apple are at a table. They fight, ending up shooting each other, fruit guts everywhere. Charlie quickly cleans up to find a briefcase full of what he later discovers worthless money and a bucket full of what looks like slime. His girlfriend figures differently and Charles gets caught up in a black market world that the fruits and vegetables control.

Bucket of Face is a page by page fun feast. You will be laughing so hard at times your stomach will hurt. The characters are so colorful and these are not just the fruits, that you will be wanting to read more.

If you have never read Bizarro fiction before, Bucket of Face is where you should start. Not only does this book bring justice to this wonderful type of fiction, it should be listed as one of the best out there. It is a pure delight and one in which no other can take its place.