January 10, 2011

Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen Review

by: Jesse Petersen
Orbit Press
ISBN: 978-0316102865
Review posted 01/10/2011

Married with Zombies tells the story of Sara and David, a couple who want nothing more than to argue with each other. The married life not what it used to be they start seeing a marriage counselor. On one of their normal trips to one of their secessions, they notice that there is no one around, even the couple who goes before them that seems so perky all the time. They walk into the room to discover their therapist kneeling on the floor munching away on the perky couple.

Needless to say David and Sara are not happy about this, kill the therapist and begin their way home through arguments, zombies and no traffic. Their adventure in their marriage and the end of the world just beginning.

Jesse Petersen knows how to bring the humor into a horror situation. The characters of David and Sara remind us what a relationship could be, even when you are bashing and slashing zombies. The sarcasm between the two characters and how they interact with the other characters including the undead remind me of what I would do in that type of situation.

She is brilliant in putting characters into a setting that not only makes you feel it is real, but makes you want to be part of it even though the situation is loaded with zombies who want nothing more than to eat your brains out. Bravo to Ms. Petersen for making such a horrific funny story that after reading it leaves me with a strong chuckle and another look at my own relationship.