October 12, 2010

Dead The Ugly Beginning by T.W.Brown Review

by T.W.Brown
May December Publications
Review done by Rob Walter
Review Posted: 10/12/2010

Dead The Ugly Beginning starts out with Steve who while lounging about gets a call from one of his friends who informs him that something nasty is going on. Steve turns on the television to see reports of people doing what he would watch with movies, eating each other, being zombies. Yet Steve does not believe it and falls asleep, waken later by the darkness and a strange noise he is soon to discover that it is not only the darkness he needs to worry about. This is only the beginning as several other characters come into play.

There is a lot of hardcore zombie action. Fans of this horror genre will not be disappointed in that. There are a lot of moments where reading this you will want to yell out 'watch out they are right there!'

However, this book falls a bit short in follow through. It jumps around a lot and at times very hard to follow on what character is doing what. In the beginning there is too much of little interludes of Steve's thoughts that after awhile distracts from reading on.

Overall the book as said has a lot of Zombie action and was fun to read those specific parts. If you can manage to stay through the book jumping around as I did, it maybe worth the read.