October 16, 2010

Zomblog by T.W. Brown Review

by T.W.Brown
May December Publications
Review Posted: 10/16/2010

Samuel Todd on his spare time starts a daily blog. He had no idea that his life would suddenly change and his accounts of what seemed to be a weird infection break-outs he would be documenting in his online diary format.

I normally don't like any story that has to deal with blog type or even diary types formats. However, this one not only caught my attention by its name of Zomblog, but pulled me in right from the start.

Brown handles Samuel Todd the character who writes in the blog in the most amazing way, he makes him human. Todd goes through these dates of about a year's time describing what happens to him and his family during an infection outbreak. This is done with the dates of a blog. What Brown does with these is allow the reader an insight to what a person could and most likely would do during what is thought of as a zombie outbreak.

Brown writes the character of Todd with precision. There is Todd thinking twice about helping someone because he is scared. Well, who wouldn't be in such a situation? This is just one of the things I love about this book.

Then there is the way the blog posts are written. There is not a dull moment as sometimes you read with certain posts about whatever they did that day. The posts are the thoughts of Todd yes, but a glimpse into a scary situation that can be felt through each word.

Zomblog is a story that has such human heart to it that you will be feeling each moment with Todd and then have to wonder and look outside to make sure the outbreak is not occurring by you.