October 10, 2010

MonsterMatts Bad Monster Jokes Vol 1 Review

by Monster Matt Patterson
May December Publications
Review Posted: 10/10/2010

I have always liked horror with humor. I think when people say it can't be done they are wrong. In this collection of jokes that not only include general horror, but horror icons and some science fiction as well, gives people a taste of what humor can be like.

This is a book in which some of the jokes are great, others make you groan and yet some you would have never thought of. However, MonsterMatt did. You will laugh at some of the strangest things combined you can think of. While other times you are rolling your eyes at what is an obvious answer to the joke given.

What is purely enjoyable about this book is that all ages can read it. Horror fans who need a break from the gore and scared writing they do or watch will be delighted to relax to these pages of sometimes dry humor. Kids who love jokes will love this book, but be warned they may repeat the jokes over and over to you, so you better read this book to know what to watch out for.